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Looking to spend an idyllic day on the green? Read up on the 2014 JFK Golf Open here.


The inaugural G!EE 9-5 show was a sensation! Click here for a glimpse of the buzz it generated about town.


Can’t get enough of that G!EE High School Showdown glamour? Click here to read up on last year’s event!


Westmount Examiner recognizes the amazing fundraising efforts of one of the participants of Dancing with the Stars! Click here to read the article.


G!EE 9-5 is featured in the suburban! Click here to read the article.


Dancing with the Stars raised over $400,000! Click here to read the article in the Westmount Suburban.


JFK is pleased to present our special commemorative ad book in honour of our 25TH Anniversary!


“The Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation salutes the work of the JFK Foundation over the last 25 years” in their Winter/Spring 2012 Le Children Magazine!