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Because every child counts

Mission and Vision

Just for Kids Foundation raises funds to purchase high-priority medical equipment, and to support initiatives that improve the quality of care for patients of the Montreal Children’s Hospital.

Our vision is simple: To continually enhance the experience and care of patients at the Montreal Children’s Hospital.

  • 13.5m
    funds raised

    To date, JFK has raised over
    13.5 million dollars through
    various campaigns and initiatives.

2024 Campaign

This year, our focus remains on essential projects that could greatly benefit from your support.

The Heart & Hands Pediatric Clinic

Just for Kids Foundation is proud to support the Heart & Hands Pediatric Clinic.

This vital initiative provides some of the city’s most vulnerable children with improved access to healthcare. The clinic is located within Verdun Elementary School and also serves Riverview Elementary and the Rising Sun Daycare. This clinic has made a profound impact on countless children.

The team of doctors and allied professionals are equipped to address a wide range of complex medical, mental health and psychosocial conditions. By coordinating services available through the Lester B. Pearson School Board, the Montreal Children’s Hospital and within the community, the goal is to ensure comprehensive care for every child in need.

To date, of the children seen :

  • 75% did not have a primary care physician
  • 46% received an intervention
  • 69% received a new diagnosis
  • 96% received a medical or mental health treatment plan

Just for Kids has committed $1.6M to this initiative to sustain and expand crucial services.

Your contribution to the Heart & Hands Pediatric Clinic will help transform the lives of countless children and their families. By investing in this initiative, you become an integral part of Just for Kids Foundation’s mission to provide quality healthcare where it counts most.

Improving Mental Health Resources

Just for Kids is committed to improving mental health resources at the Children’s by providing funding for a Social Worker specializing in mental health in the Emergency Department. The Mental Health Social Worker will play a critical and central role in treating these vulnerable patients and act as a facilitator between the medical team and the child’s family.

Faced with waiting lists of more than 180 days for follow-up, young people and their families are increasingly turning to hospital emergency departments in a cry for help to deal with issues ranging from anxiety to depression to suicidal ideation. According to the Children’s, from 2020 to 2021, there was a 40% increase in mental health related hospitalizations for children ages 12 to 17. This role is crucial at this time.

Purchasing Life saving Medical Equipment for the Children’s

With your support Just for Kids Foundation will purchase an Amplitude Electroencephalogram (aEEG) and 20 state-of-the- art IV Pumps.

Just for Kids Foundation will be purchasing the Olympic Brainz Monitor CFM aEEG. This device represents the very latest in brain function monitoring technology. The unit can monitor general neurological conditions, seizures, and the progress of hypothermic treatment to measure its effectiveness. It is a good indicator of brain development in term infants with certain types of brain damage who are undergoing hypothermic treatment. The equipment can also monitor EEG patterns, to indicate the presence of a sleep-wake cycle in babies born at term or prematurely, which is associated with a better prognosis for patients with hypoxic hypothermic treatment.

Just for Kids is committed to purchasing twenty state-of-the- art IV Pumps that will be used to administer lifesaving nutrients and medications to patients. These new pumps will be equipped with the most up-to-date version of infusion management software, offer wireless communication and allow for the creation of a medication library for the pediatric population. They will be used in all care treatment areas of the Children’s Hospital. The current standard of care is to use the latest generation of smart pumps in conjunction with a medication library adapted to the needs of each patient, to enhance existing safety protocols.

A Home Away From Home for Families of Sick Children

Just for Kids Foundation is committed to helping fund the Pavillon Kat Demes, free housing for parents of sick children facing long stays at the Children’s. These new residences are only steps away from the hospital and will offer all of the comforts of home.

Featuring private rooms and common areas they will provide an opportunity for families going through similar experiences to lend each other support during difficult times.

JFK Sibling Park

With your support Just for Kids continues to fund The JFK Sibling Park, a fully-subsidized childcare program providing siblings of patients in acute care a safe and comforting environment while they spend long hours at the hospital. Located on S1 near the PK Subban Atrium at the Children’s, this program helps alleviate the financial stress of additional childcare costs and has been credited with keeping families together during their most difficult moments. New this year, Just for Kids has expanded this program onto patient wards, now siblings on those wards can play together close to their hospital room. Hours of operation have also expanded, in addition to weekends, the JFK Sibling Park will be open everyday after school from 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm.

  • Impact
  • History

Make helping children a priority

Hospitals rely on foundations such as ours to help close the gap between basic government funding and much needed medical equipment and programs. To date, Just for Kids Foundation has:

  • Purchased over $13.5 million of high-priority medical equipment
  • Helped over 1,500 healthcare professionals improve patient care
  • Touched almost every department at the hospital
  • Provided cutting-edge technology to medical staff, drawing top-tier professionals to Montreal and the MCH
  • Established the JFK Sibling Park, a free childcare centre for siblings of children in acute care

  • Please support Just for Kids Foundation and make a difference in the lives of countless children

Just for Kids Foundation was founded in 1987 by concerned parents who saw the need to provide funding for updated medical equipment to best diagnose and treat patients at the Montreal Children’s Hospital.

This dedicated group of volunteers began to create innovative ways to raise funds so the Children’s would remain a state-of-the-art institution.

With imagination, dedication and big hearts, these volunteers created Montreal-based fundraising events. Both large and small, these events have cultivated a very special group of volunteers who continuously challenge themselves to inspire, engage and give back.

Not only has JFK Foundation created a local community among its members, but it also has impacted the community at large by helping children and their families throughout Montreal, as well as touching the lives of so many event participants, guests and corporate sponsors.

Hope for a
Brighter Tomorrow

For sick kids and their families


Make a difference

For Family,
For Kids,

For the community


Because every child counts

Meet The Team

Lorie Blumer

Executive Director

Cory Garfinkle

Event Manager



Marissa Frishman

Founding President

Harriet Greenstone

Immediate Past President

Jason Ansel

Past Presidents

Jill Aberman
Lisa Adelstein Steinberg
Sandra D’Alesio Lanno
Maria Fersten Oringer


Myra Frishman
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Mara Greenstone Aguinik
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Lynda Lubin
Jill Morganstein Kimmel
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Lyne Breton

Board Members

Jason Ansel
Laurence Destrempes
Dr. Polymnia Galiatsatos
Tommy Petrogiannis
Adam Saskin
Jill Selick
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Emerson Turnier

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Lorie Blumer


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